Episode 80 – Lemmings

This episode, I’m joined by David, who found my show because a different Blink-182 podcast talked about it. He was a wonderful guest and had some AMAZING stories. So look forward to more from him

We are also, as of this week, officially more than halfway through Season 1, which boggles my mind. Season 2 will be songs provided almost entirely by David. So, look forward to that 🙂

Episode 80 – Lemmings

Here’s a live video. The quality isn’t great (I think it’s the same concert as the video I posted for “Just about Done”) but the energy is there!

Also, if you’re interested in hearing the podcast that David talks about in the episode with Mark Eaton telling the story in his own words, you can go HERE (let me know if this doesn’t work for whatever reason)


Week 16 Songs (Spotify Playlist)

Running List of All the Songs (Spotify Playlist)

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